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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What makes your Cane Corso different from the rest? 

A: We are a small kennel so we offer more of a personal touch and provide you with lifetime support. We have studied the pedigrees of hundreds of Corsi and only breed what we know will improve the breed. All our dogs are AKC Champions so you can be rest assured they meet the standard for the breed. Not only are our dogs correct and meet the standard but they are very functional as this breed should be. Large/Giant breed dogs can sometime be thought of as lazy, unable to perform, and have a host of health issues as a result. We exercise our dogs regularly and they are capable of running for several miles without fatigue.  Our dogs are health tested, hip tested and upon maturity, ready to work. 

Q: What type of support do you offer for owners?

A: We offer lifetime support via phone, text, email, skype, facetime or any other form of communication you prefer. We are interested in our owners having the best experience possible with their new dog. You will not be left out in the cold so to speak as you may find out there. Either they dont care enough, or they have way too many "customers" to be able to provide support to owners of their dogs.  

Q: What do you mean by limited registration? 

A: This was put in place by the AKC to protect breeders and their programs from backyard breeding dilution. So for instance, you want a companion pet. Your dog can be registered through the AKC, but in the event the dog were to produce any offspring, the litter will never be granted registration. 

Q: Can I breed my dog?

A: A companion pet status does not mean the pup is less than any of its littermates. All puppies have potential, but assessments are made based on the breeder's goals for their program. As a companion pet, no breeding rights will be granted. However, Corso develop at mach snail speed for the first 3 years. Height growth is rapid, but mass growth is slow and daunting. Trust us, we were those impatient Corso parents. Our male is 3.5 years now and STILL changing and developing. With that, if your pup is developing towards the goals of our program, we may present you with options and/or renegotiate your contract.

Q: Do I have to spay/neuter my puppy, if so when?  

A: All companion pets are put on a spay/neuter contract.  We ask that the procedure wait until the pup has reached 18-24 months of age (depends on gender). The reason for the lengthy time is to allow the growth plates to fully close. Once spayed/neutered, the organs that produced the essential hormones for growth are gone. So we ask, please contact us before performing the procedure. 

Q: I don't live near you,  how can I get my puppy?

A: We will discuss shipping/delivery options on a case by case basis. Be rest assured if you qualify for one of our pups we will do what it takes to get you your puppy.  We do offer a "fly guy" that will fly your pup to the airport closest to you for $475. Pup will be in the cabin not in cargo, fee paid for by the new owner. 

Q: How does the whole ear cropping and tail docking work and do I have to get this done?  

A: We politely insist on all our puppies being cropped and docked. These are done with us, as well as post surgical care/healing. We have found a very reputable surgeon that specializes in this procedure, rest assured your puppy will be greatly cared for post op. This is done not only for aesthetic purposes but also to avoid any ear related issues in the future.

Q: How do I submit payment for my puppy?


A: $500 non refundable deposit for a companion puppy and a $1000 non refundable deposit for a show/working prospect puppy made via the PayPal link on the puppy page is required to reserve your puppy. The remaining balance can be paid at any time prior to receiving the puppy. Once the deposit has been made you will see your name on the list with the type of puppy selection you made annotated.

If you have unforseen circumstances that prevent you from getting a puppy from one of our current litters, then we will honor your deposit on a puppy from a future litter.  But if you just change your mind and are no longer interested then your deposit will be forfeited. 

Q: Will my puppy be trained and housebroken by the time I receive him/her?

A: We will train basic obedience as best we can and crate train the puppies but there is no guarantee there won't be accidents once the puppy is at your home. 

Q: Why must I submit such a detailed application?


A: We have regular careers, we do not breed solely for profit. We desire to improve the breed as a whole and want to screen out potential "backyard breeders" or those that we do not find suitable for ownership due to various reasons, such as; never home, tiny living space, possibility of using them for fighting dogs, etc. 

Q: Why do I have to sign a contract to get a puppy?

A: Again, we are interested in preserving and strengthening the breed so we have owners sign contracts that help us in that effort. There are far too many horror stories about people mistreating dogs, breeding them with bully breeds to try to get size or whatever else they are looking to gain for selfish reason, they do not consider the health of the dogs. Will we demand you provide us with your current address so when you move we can stop by unannounced to inspect? NO. The application process is designed for us to screen potential owners so we can make an educated choice on who we welcome into the Battle Born Family. We make every effort to ensure our dogs are healthy and well cared for at all times. It also gives us the right to be first to reclaim the dog should the need arise.   

Q: Do you provide service animals for wounded warriors?


A: Being an active duty military member for the past 20 years and counting, we are all about helping veterans. We will consider providing help to those whom have served or are still serving in an effort to support the team.  Please contact us to discuss this further.

Q: How do I know if a Cane Corso is the right dog for me?


A: There are many unique qualities about this breed. Please click the buttons below to read about the breed and see if a Corso is right for you. We strongly encourage potential owners to research the breed and determine if it is a right fit for you and your family. Please don't hesitate to contact us with additional questions. 

Q: What is the price for a puppy?

A: Bottom line up front: over $2000 for a companion pup and over $3000 for a show/working/breeding pup. If you are "shocked" that one of our pups aren't cheaper, then you should look elsewhere for a pup. Our dogs temperament and pedigree speak for themselves, if you are unfamiliar with this breed and think it is a ridiculous amount to charge then maybe you have found the wrong breeder. If you have never bred dogs or have never known people that are breeders, then you can't imagine the astronomical costs associated with raising a litter. We operate on the side of caution to ensure the pups are as healthy as can be. With that being said, the vet bills alone for each dog are quite astonishing. Not to mention the prenatal care for the bitches and the costs associated with whelping the puppies.

Just an example of costs: we feed Royal Canin Puppy food and the pups are consuming two bags a week which equates to $480 a month just to feed them. Ear cropping is expensive: call your local vet just to see how much the process costs. Shots, microchips and vet visits add up quickly. Not to mention the costs to build the whelping boxes, a power washer, fencing, crates to train them in, and most of all the countless hours  and sleepless nights we spend with each puppy making sure they are ready to be nice and playful for you. 

As stated earlier, my wife and I both have regular careers but we cannot afford to lose thousands of dollars on a litter. Profits, if any are very marginal. So why can I find a Corso online for around $1000? Because they are bred in puppy mills, they do not get the specialized care our pups get. And I can guarantee you they will not likely be as healthy nor not have the temperament or the pedigree our dogs have. 

If I am looking for a European Corso, why wouldn't I just go get one myself? 

Sure you can do that, but you will have to wait until the pup is 4 months old to fly, buy the pup, get all associated paperwork for a health certificate for them to fly, buy an airline ticket for you and your pup, get a airline approved crate, and you can't fly them during summer months. If you are interested in contact info for some outstanding breeders in Italy and Spain, please let us know. 


Sure you can buy a pup from craigslist for cheaper, but what are you welcoming into your home?


Possibly an extremely powerful dog that can cause serious problems in the future for you and your family?


Possibly a dog that has a host of health issues that will wind up costing you thousands over the life of the dog. Serious health issues normally present themselves within the first two years of life, our pups come with a two year health guarantee. 

If you really think about it, these dogs live for 10-12 years and they will be your loyal companion. Is a couple hundred dollars a year not worth having the finest specimen you can get? 

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